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Chipping in to save the environment

Benefits of Critter Litter

The following information outlines the reasons why Eco Animal Bedding is the superior bedding for all animals. It is the horse bedding of choice for leading veterinarians, such as the University of Melbourne Veterinary Hospital.

Critter Litter provides a better bedding environment for animals and is a better choice for equine stables, pet shops and animal breeders.

  • easy to store and keep on hand for all animal stock
  • available in smaller quantities for customers
  • lasts longer, if used correctly, as it can be re-dried and re-used
  • provides a safer, dust-free bedding which means healthier animals
  • warmer and more comfortable bedding for the animals
  • more absorbent than traditional bedding (three times as absorbent as shavings)
  • a cost-effective animal bedding product
  • is regarded as a premium-grade horse bedding
  • can be used with all animal stock, from small pets, such as mice, ferrets and guinea pigs, through to very large animals, such as livestock
  • totally bio-degradable means less waste material