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Chipping in to save the environment

For Rats & Mice


Rat and mouse cages needs to be lined with a bedding substrate - not cedar, pine, aspen or cat litter.

The best bedding is CRITTER CHIPS, it's soft and comfy for your pet and is warm and safe. Never use sawdust or anything pine or cedar based for any rodent as they will chew the saw dust and ingest the toxins in it and saw dust can also cause serious respiratory problems.

The ideal bedding for Mice and Rats is CRITTER CHIPS, the benefits include:
  • Veterinarian recommended
  • Economical 'Less used and less wasted' - 1 bag of CRITTER CHIPS compares to 2 bags of shavings
  • Absorbs ammonia and urea better than straw or shavings.
  • The healthiest for breeding
  • 100% Dust, Mould, Mite, Chemical and Allergen Free
  • Non toxic
  • 4-5 times more absorbent than shavings
  • Does not bind in coats or fur
  • Environmentally friendly - Composts in weeks after use
  • Inert to digestive systems - as mice and rats like to chew!

Weight: 20 kg
Eco-Animal Bedding



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