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For Ferrets

Ferrets are highly intelligent and social pets that do best in small groups. It is highly recommended you consider adopting a pair of ferrets so they will always have a companion to socialise with.

Ferret cages are usually designed with two levels and a place to hang a cozy hammock. The cage should also contain a dark enclosure such as a wooden hut, where the ferrets can make a nest for sleeping - CRITTER BED is the ideal bedding for nesting. The bedding will need to be changed frequently

Also, ferrets need several litter boxes: one for the cage and several for playtime outside the cage.

The best litters to use is CRITTER CHIPS.

The benefits of CRITTER CHIPS for Ferrets are:
  • Veterinarian recommended
  • 1 bag of CRITTER CHIPS compares to 2 bags of wood shavings
  • Absorbs Ammonia and Urea better than straw or shavings
  • 100% Dust, Mould, Mite, Chemical and Allergen Free
  • Non Toxic
  • 4-5 times more absorbent than wood shavings
  • Does not bind in coats or tails
  • Composts in weeks after use
  • Economic - Less used and less wasted
  • Inert to digestive systems

Weight: 20 kg
Eco-Animal Bedding



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