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Cat Bedding - CritterChips 10kg

CRITTER CHIPS is a healthy and eco-friendly cardboard bedding that is specifically designed for breeding cats, and kittens

CRITTER CHIPS alleviates respiratory issues due to the removal of airborne inflammatory mediators and is totally dust, chemical and mite free.

Because it's made from corrugated cardboard that traps air CRITTER CHIPS™ is a warm, insulted bedding that has the added benefit of wicking away moisture from the top layer, drawing urine to the bottom layers offering a healthier and cleaner environment for cats and kittens.

Recommended and used by Australia's leading Veterinarian Hospitals and dog breeders.

Easily composted, CRITTER CHIPS attracts nitrogen, counteracts ammonia, and encourages airflow thru out the compost and/or worm bin. Used as mulch, keeps soil moist and cooler than other options.

Critter Chips

Product Id: CC-10

Weight: 10kg

Price: $24.00