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Bedding for Reptiles - 20kg

Reptile Substrate (Bedding or flooring)

Substrate or flooring you choose for your reptile's cage is important, and the items you place in it, require careful consideration.

A natural terrarium environment will reduce stress in your pet amphibian or reptile and help keep her in good health.

Critter Chips substrate will enhance the appearance of your cage, but more importantly, it will keep spilled water, food, faeces, and urates away from your pet and significantly reduce odours.

Be aware that a number of commonly used substrates have proven to be harmful, if not lethal. For example, it is recommended that you never use cedar chips or pine bedding because they cause irritation of the skin and respiratory tract, or corncob bedding because it can be lethal if ingested.

Not recommended for wet enviroments such as Rain Forest amphibians such as toads, frogs, salamanders.

Eco-Animal Bedding

Product Id: CC20

Weight: 20kg

Size: 70 x 40 x 40cm item volume

Price: $27.50